Large Impact, Small Reputation: “The Conversation”

Main Image – Gene Hackman in the movie “The Conversation.”(Rialto Pictures) Opening shot of a park from above. Jazz can be heard as a woman’s voice is joined in by a man’s. As we get closer to the environment of this park, a sound of distortion introduces the viewer to what will become the movie’s plot. Harry Caul, a PI, investigates at the request of … Continue reading Large Impact, Small Reputation: “The Conversation”

The Generation of Inhaler

As the music industry expands and we all become individually more selective and original with what and who we listen to, there are new arising artists and bands that resemble the unique and vintage feel of past bands with their own original sounds that still allows for expansion of music as an art. One of these bands, that I had the luck to encounter and discover was Inhaler. Continue reading The Generation of Inhaler