NOPE is an absolute Yes

Featured image via Universal Pictures

The new Jordan Peele film “NOPE”, might be one top films of the year. Released July 22, 2022 the direction, acting and writing are impecable. Peele’s previous films “Get Out” and “Us” were just as recognized, making him one of the outstanding film creators and directors of our lifetime and “NOPE” only reinforces this.

Universal Pictures

With a trailer that left many details out but still managed to include flying saucer, horses and darkness Peele left many people intrigued and curious for what the film was going to be like. And as it turned out it was definitely worth the wait and intrigue.

The story follows the horse training sibling duo of O.J. and Emerald Haywood, who seek to comprehend and defeat a mysterious creature in the sky above their ranch. The Sci-Fi tale has a classic storyline that is still unique, because of it’s approach and remarkable direction. The films pace is perfect with a captivating 2 hours and 10 minutes running time and dialogue that is perfectly balanced between comedy and seriousness. With strong characters that carry the story and visuals that keep audiences hooked from the beginning, Peele’s execution of this story is admirable and incredible. And this film is not only outstanding because of it’s impecable cinematography, but because of depth of the story that makes Peele a genius. The overall cohesiveness of the story between creatures and human behaviors makes it clear the story is trying to communicate and speak to us as humans in a way that isn’t clear at first glance, but still there all along.

Now (July 27th 2022) less than a week since it’s release “NOPE” is getting outstanding reviews with 86% in rotten tomatoes and $44 million dollars at the box office. Illustrating how even though now a days is hard to obtain a unique story or film experience. Peele incredibly achieves such uniqueness and an experience with a timeless storyline, that still has a depth that is unique to “NOPE”. Making it a film impactful and relevant not just today but for years to come.


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