Top 10: Best 80’s movies of all times

The 80’s was a decade filled with remarkable films that made an impact on not only pop culture but people as well, but there are 10 top picks that stand out. These are my top 10…

10. Gremlins

The Gremlins (1984) Warner Bros.

The Gremlins released in 1984, is a timeless tale of a father who bought a new pet by the name of Mogwai as a Christmas present for his son (Billy Peltzer). This presentation was given to him with three simple instructions ”do not expose the mogwai to light, especially sunlight, which will kill it; do not let it come in contact with water; and above all, never feed it after midnight.” But when the three simple rules were not followed, it brought much chaos to the small town in which Billy lives. The movie follows the mistakes made and the journey to fix and control the chaos that was broken out by The Gremlins.

9. E.T

E.T (1982) Universal Studios

The classic tale of E.T the Extra-Terrestrial is a part of most people’s childhoods as the story explores the arrival of E.T. on earth. Throughout the film released in 1982, we follow the encounter of Elliott, a young boy and his younger sister, Gertie, with E.T. and how they struggle to maintain him secret from their family and the government, to protect him. But the essence of this story is the friendship between a boy and the intriguing creature that is E.T. The love they hold for each other allows for a deep message and experience that is everlasting.

8. The Goonies

The Goonies (1985) Warner Bros.

The Adventure that is The Goonies, holds a special spot in many people’s childhood. The Goonies tells the story of a group of boys searching for a treasure in their town, as they face multiple obstacles and dangers that make this an intriguing film to watch for viewers of all ages. The story first told back in 1985, as in many movies at that time, this one illustrates the vintage 80’s look that we all know and love to this day. Making it an 80’s best and classic.

7. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Ferris Buller’s Day Off (1986) Paramount

The teenage adventure of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, is the timeless story of a skillful and smart teenager, who decides to cut class with his two friends to spend a day in the city of Chicago. The movie holds a special spot in all of our hearts as it highlights teenage life, the eagerness to live and see the world outside of school and being young and free. Perhaps it’s controversial, but this movie represents the rebel spirit of teenagers and its uniqueness. Making it one of a kind, loved by so many, and timeless.

6. Stand by Me

Stand by Me (1986) Columbia Pictures/ Photofest

The story based on the Stephen King book The Body, is now well known as Stand by Me. This one story presented by 13-year-olds on the screen tells a remarkable story of life as well, as death. It follows four young boys who go on a search for a body they heard to be on the side of a railroad just outside of town. This little adventure that they embark on, turns into more than a search, but into a life-changing event that they forever remember as they learn about each other’s struggles and challenges. 

5. Star Wars

Star Wars LucasFilms

The classic and everlasting tale of Star Wars, is an outstanding movie that production and story created an impact on more than one generation. Its big production and cutting-edge technology for its time, made it groundbreaking at the time of its release, but regardless of its production, the story has a strong political and social message that speaks on multiple historical events making it more than just a movie but a social and political statement on history. Making it a remarkable film that hasn’t only left a mark on culture but also its opinion on our past.

4. Top Gun

Top Gun (1986) Columbia Pictures

Top Gun’s initial success at its release came as a surprise despite it being an incredibly cohesive story that made it an 80’s classic. Filled with action, drama, and romance this makes the film a timeless classic. Its cheesy trademark music and plane action sequences make it an 80’s classic, that’s one of a kind. So much so that even with its revival over 35 years after its release the production of Top Gun: Maverick (which is a sequel to this beloved story and uses the same production and touches upon similar topics) still brought the new generations close and personal with this story showing it’s everlasting impact and love by the public.

3. Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing (1987) InStyle. com

The love story of a century is the timeless tale of Baby and Johnny, who fell in love during Baby’s family getaway, regardless of her family’s disapproval of Johnny. Release in 1987, the love story told through these two characters stands the change of time as it highlights passion, strength, and willingness. The music and dancing make the story a wonderful and exciting viewing experience. The chemistry and performances of Jeniffer Gray and Patrick Swayze are one of a kind. Regardless of their famous dislike for each other, their previous relationship is illustrated in this heartwarming film that leaves all audience members from all generations seeking the same love as Baby and Johnny had in this timeless tale.

2. The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club (1985) Universal Pictures

The teenage group in detention that includes but is not limited to the princess, outcast, jock, brainy and rebel is a product of the classic John Hughs tale of The Breakfast Club. When we see the different stereotypes of students in high school placed together in this one movie, it becomes a unique viewing experience. As these very different people learn about each other and why they are the way they are, it becomes clear this movie is a particularly important social statement about people’s dynamics and relationships as we are all different and facing different struggles that still can bring us together, as they might not be the same but still problems nether the less. Regardless of its specific age group, this movie provides a lesson to multiple age groups and people. Making it an important and timeless story to tell.

1. Back to the Future

Back to the Future (1985) Universal Pictures

Back to the Future is perhaps one of the most timeless and extraordinary experiences one can obtain from a movie. The story surrounding the Hill Valley teen, Marty Mcfly, and his time traveling experience as a result of his friendship with Doc, the mad scientist in town, is an incredibly engaging viewing. As a result of this time traveling, Mcfly creates a time paradox in which his parents are no longer his parents, consecutively causing his existence in the present (1985) to be at risk. The way through which all this occurs creates a romantic, funny, and engaging storyline that one can’t help but love. Michael J. Fox’s performance is comedic and youthful, making him the perfect Marty Mcfly. And the tale is a perfectly executed story that incorporates aspects for all people from all generations. Making it the perfect family movie and therefore my number one pick for the best 80’s movie.


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