What makes Lady Gaga such an incredible artist?

At a surface level, Lady Gaga is one more of many early 2000s over-the-top artists, but this is very far from the truth. Lady Gaga might be one of the best performers and artists of our time.

From early on, Lady Gaga was determined to get a stop in the music industry. Born in New York’s, Lenox Hill hospital on March 28, 1986, Stephanie Joanne Angelina Germanotta grew up with a dream and worked hard to obtain it. She started her career by taking vocal lessons with Christina Aguilera’s vocal coach at the age of 11 years old, this pushed her into joining a band, and began playing in New York bars which would result in her discovery by Def Jam records. Signing to them at age 19, but unfortunately short after she would get dropped by the label. But this wouldn’t be the last time we heard from her, as shortly after she would end up working as a songwriter for big artists like Britney Spears and Fergie. Eventually getting rediscovered and signed by Akon’s music label. This allowed for Gaga’s renown albums like The Fame, Bad Romance, and Born This Way to be released creating her success. 

Now, after years of success, we are just getting past the tip of the iceberg that Lady Gaga is. For one, Gaga has already begun expanding her artistic abilities through her cinematic career that consists of strong roles such as Ally in A Star is Born and Patrizzia Reggiani in House of Gucci, illustrating Gaga’s verticality not just as a musician but as an artist. Her versatility was also shown initially in 2014, with the release of the album with legend Tony Bennet, which would result in the release of Love for Sale in 2021. Both as a completely different genre from what we are used to seeing Gaga in, show how talented and agile she is at what she does. While Gaga initially brought herself into stardom through Pop, now she has effortlessly switched gears into Jazz, an art that takes a whole lot of work and comprehension to be good at, but she has incredible pulled off. This is clear in her 2022 residency in Vegas at the Park MGM, where she performed many songs from her latest album with Tony Bennet ( who was not there because he retired from music, after his diagnosis with Alzheimer’s) and her acoustic stripped-down versions of her most iconic songs like Born This Way, Bad Romance and Poker Face. Her stage presence was always a highlight of her performance, but what made this an incredible illustration of her talent was the connection she had to the music and every instrument in the orchestra, which translated to the audience. This creates understanding and love for music like Jazz, which should be kept more alive by modern artists and she is doing just that with her talent and musical ability. Making her a more than incredible artist, who not only can jump among different forms of art, but different genres to communicate and keep stories alive.

Gaga performing Bad Romance in her residency at PARK MGM in Vegas (by Valentina Bejarano)

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