The Generation of Inhaler

As the music industry expands and we all become individually more selective and original with what and who we listen to, there are new arising artists and bands that resemble the unique and vintage feel of past bands with their own original sounds that still allows for expansion of music as an art. One of these bands, that I had the luck to encounter and discover was Inhaler.

Inhaler’s performance in The Belasco theater, March 31st 2022

The band performed in the Belasco Theater (Los Angeles), March 31st and April 1st, 2022. Previously to their concert, I had little to no knowledge of the band, but the impression they left on me was enough to intrigue me. The connecting accomplished with the audience and energy in the room, left me speechless.

Inhaler is an Irish band from Dublin, who’s stage presence and musical ability is extremely unique and resinating. Consisting of drummer Ryan Manmohan, bassist Robert Keating and guitarists Josh Jenkinson alongside frontman and lead vocalist Elijah Hewson, their talent is radiating. All together they make up Inhaler, formed in 2012 with a promising future reflected in their one album ’It Won’t Always Be Like This’ released just in July 9th, 2021, this band has a guaranteed success. Their album contains a compilation of upbeat rock songs that resemble bands like The Killers, Kings of Leon and U2. Such resemblance might be done to the fact that, Hewson’s father is none other than David Hewson better known as Bono, the lead singer of the legendary band U2. Although such fact is not used in their marketing of the band (making their band one of many starting from zero instead of a previous following of the frontman’s father) Hewson’s artistic upbringing is reflected in his ability to connect and engage the audience in the bands performances. The abstraction of inspiration from artist from the past allows for this bands refreshing classic and vintage feel, that is still original to them.

The band’s latest achievements have been their first performance in a stadium, as they opened for Kings of Leon on June 13th, 2022 during their tour and their performance of their new single ‘These Are The Days’ in the Glastonbury Festival 2022.

In just the past few months, I have followed this band, they have grown tremendously. And as it does it’s fan base also grows gaining followers and fans from around the world making the Inhaler fan community a fun and diverse one. Upcoming in the bands journey, as they keep on touring around the UK they will hopefully return to the US with the release of new music, that keeps on illustrating their interpretation of past musical generations for the new once to come.


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