How to expand your looks with ACCESSORIES?

Accessories can make or break a look. If used correctly, accessories can turn a look from basic to thorough with little effort needed. In this article, I’ll share with you some of my favorite accessories to make your looks be one of a kind effortlessly.

1. Hats

Although from early on in history hats have provided a fine and unique touch to most outfits, hats are still one of the most underrated accessories. Hats come in all shapes and sizes, allowing for a personal choice that can still be differentiated from others. Not only this but hats allow for shade from the sun and a cover ups, on a bad hair day.

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2. Jewelry

This one, is a bit more obvious of an accessory that we are all familiarized with. Jewelry, it creates a detail to an outfit that is really personalized as well. When looking for jewelry, something that might also add to it is, choosing jewelry with meaning behind it. For instance, if you an Aquarius for your zodiac sign, find a ring or necklace that highlights that unique thing that makes you, you (since not everyone is an Aquarius). This personal touch can bring attention and conversation around your outfit, making it less standard and more unique.

3. Shoe

For a few years now more importance has been given to shoes as they have become a collectors item (of sorts). But when it comes to recognizing, shoes a valuable accessory to clothing it’s way more than its value but it’s look. When pairing shoes with an outfit, it’s about the shoe matching the rest of your outfit and what make the pair of shoes unique enough to add and not subtract from the overall look.

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4. Bandanas

Similarly to hats, Bandanas are extremely underrated and under appreciated accessories. Bandanas come in multiple unique, original prints and ways to used them, allowing for an original and personal look. This personalization of a look helps make it stand out from the rest, making it special and therefore more authentic.

5. Glasses

Regardless of if you need them or not, glasses are definitely an amazing accessory for expanding your style and look. Glasses either sun or vision can add personality to your look and create a sense of confidence and ownership creating a cool, interesting and unique look that will guarantee a complement.

Photo by Marcela Alessandra on

The accessories above expand your style by highlighting your original and unique personality. When communicating this, it provides completely different looks from the rest.


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